Clear and coloured air bubbles add modern detailing to both the upper and outsole. A key look infiltrating fashion forward sneakers at the moment. Cushioned pockets offer resilient comfort and support. Complete transparent air units innovate the look, challenging classic sport designs.

Look out for: Adaptations of the 'bubbled' sole into sandals as per the above Tomo & Co, is this a move forward from the below Nike VaporMax flyknit.

In line with the air bubble trend, engineered outsoles offer an alternative look to the air bubble. Razor-like, cleated flex, and projected spring shapes all help improve the foot's energy return (so they say). Moulded rubbers, flexible plastics and high-density EVAs provide support.

Look out for: this trend infiltrating more fashion forward looks - this in comparison to the air bubble sole is seen more in active and performance sneakers as per the below - Adidas spring blade.